5 Tips for Newbie SEO in Minneapolis

There are some tips , which I would like to share with newbies , who are just starting out as SEO Experts

#1 Work on One Site at a Time

Work on One Site a Time, because than you can focus on the lessons, which you are learning. If you have multiple projects, your attention goes to multiple places and you cannot learn the valuable information, which requires you to replicate the same process. Ranking a site in Google is simple, once you know how to do it. It takes time to learn it, if you are clever it can be learned in 2 months. Pick a keyword and try to rank the site for one keywords, once  you will achieve first page rankings you will know how to rank a site first page.

It is better strategy than trying to rank 5 sites at a time, throwing links left and right and not knowing how to actually do it. One site might get to the top of Google, but you are not going to know how to do it.

That principle also applies to web design, it is called web design malta. Allocate one designer for one project at a time if you want to have unspeakable results.

#2 Quality over Quantity

10k spammy links are worth lass than 2 powerful high pr links. Do not start out by spamming your site with backlinks. Try to read are round what are valuable links. Sites can rank with only one backlink. It is also better, because you can manipulate the anchor text if something goes bad. However, if you spam your site with backlinks from fiverr or automated tools, you cannot control them. Therefore, if you got it its game over for your site. On the other hand if you control all the few links, which makes your site rank if you overdo something you just change the anchor text and the site is back on track again.

#3 Social Signals Do Not Matter

Social signals are not necessary for a site to rank. If Google would value social signals highly than people would have figured it out already and would buy likes and shares on fiverr or other sites. Do not waste your time and resources by buying social signals from various sources.

#4 Design Your Site

If you would like to achieve good conversions, you have to have a good design for your site. Include testimonials, signs of authority such as featured here and there. People, just like Ernie Anastos going to trust your site, and if people trust your site it is more likely that they going to buy the thing , which you are selling. Spammy site design kills conversions.

#5 Do Not Copy The Masses

If a ranking strategy goes mainstream than Google is going to realize it and start to work on it with its Harvard Coders to stop people abusing it. Do not follow strategies on warrior forums, internet marketing forums , where are mass people hanging out.


These were the five tips for you provided by SEO New York (SEO Optimalizacia)